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Do you want to create a custom accountability system to reach a personal goal?
I have coached hundreds of people to lose weight, exercise, and study for exams.

The most unusual arrangement I ever made was a with jeweler who wanted to lose weight. He “gave” me a large diamond ring. If he didn‘t reach his weight loss goal,  I had to return his ring. He got his ring back!

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A life long love of learning, teaching and traveling...

At 14, I taught the first chess lessons at my local public library. My love of sharing knowledge through teaching was ignited, and since creating that first class, I have taught English conversation, reading, and writing skills, American history and civics, swimming, weight training, and weight loss management, to name just a few subjects in public and private schools and community colleges in California and Seoul, South Korea. Teaching and traveling are two of my favorite things. I have owned and operated English tutoring businesses in Seoul, San Diego, and San Francisco, and personal training businesses in San Diego and Marin County, California. I cherish my notebook of enthusiastic letters and testimonials from my satisfied students of all ages from around the world.  My love of solo traveling also began at age 14. I have traveled to 69 countries and experienced countless cultures. My first e-book “Meet One New Person Every Day: The Magic Of Conversation“ was published in 2016. I am a graduate of the University of California, and California Western Law School. I was certified by The American Council Of Exercise as personal fitness trainer in 1997, and graduated from the San Francisco School of Massage & Bodywork in 1984. I live in San Francisco.


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